Inscriptions Northumberland

Letter carving in stone.

Berwick upon tweed, Northumberland

Roluna stone memorials still practices the lost art of letter carving. A hand cut letter makes a V-incised letter. This is still the best looking way of carving inscriptions. The V-incisions create a continuous mitre line inside the letters, going deeper as the size increases. This results in a beautiful light and shade effect once the memorial is up and the sun comes out to play.

For a more budget friendly approach, Roluna stone memorials offer a sandblasted inscription service. The letters are just as easy readable as a hand carved letter but there is no V-cut. Instead the letters have a flat background, evenly deep everywhere, regardless if the size increases or not. This results in less light and shade at the end. Nevertheless, sandblasted letters are a very durable and more cost effective alternative. 

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